Dohi Moon

Music Compositions Music for contemporary dance Sound + Object + Installation Company Soul(2019) Clippy Embodied(2019) Pre-proposition K (2018) Yeoeum II (2016) Many Lines (2013) Pulb (2010) Devil's Violin (2010) Writings + Photos + Sketches About Contact

Selected Compositions

Inside Sequence (2014)

A-Temple Song (2016) for a MIDI Keyboard and Bb clarinet

Chunhyang Ga (2009) for violin and piano

ji (2011) for electronics

Fragile Wave (2010) for Orchester and electronics

Near The Inner Ear (2013) for Orchester and electronics

Ă„nderungen der Denkart 3 (2016) for one pianist

the pianist is instructed to play Beethoven's Sonata No.23, but the keyboard is dynamically remapped.

Fury (2006) for piano, violin, and cello

Yeoeum (2014) for disklavier, tenor saxophone, and electronics

Almost every movie or theater play presents us with multiple parallel stories intertwined. Yet we see one plot. As an audience we see actors/actresses, which do not know the whole plot (at least they pretend to). They cannot know what happened to the other protagonists in different locations of the plot. I thought about this situation as a basis for a new composition for a network performance. This piece has two different parts, a fixed composition for disklavier + electronics and an improvisation part for a tenor saxophone performer who is connected over the internet. The other focus of the piece is to bring out the uniqueness of the instruments, the mechanical movements from the disklavier, microtonal electronics, and the improvised tenor saxophone. The tenor saxophone performer is playing with only a structural score, which determines a contour for the tenor saxophone part with dynamics, pitch, rhythm, and time indications, while the disklavier and electronics are playing the fixed score. The improviser will construct his own musical voice following the structural score without knowing the other parts, but when he starts to play with the disklavier and electronics, he will need to improvise his role in the gross contour of the disklavier +electronics: he will decide to take over, mingle, imitate, or support the disklavier and electronics in each moment, while he is playing."Yeoeum" means the sound of ringing in memory even after it disappears.

Joachim Badenhorst, saxophone (Paris, IRCAM) Jean Bresson, Melina Avenati, Laurent Ghys, Dimitri Bouche, tech (Paris, IRCAM) Performance from CCRMA TeleConcert Bing Concert Hall Studio, Stanford. March 15, 2014