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Object + Theatre + Sound

Clippy Embodied (2019)

Clippy Embodied is a research project by Dohi Moon and Bjoern Erlach at the Schaubude Berlin. During the residency we explored how Human Computer Interaction design (HCI) could go wrong when engineers tried to make machines more relatable to humans. Clippy the office assistant was supposedly designed to be helpful and cute. The thing would just pop up with advice and suggestions without regard to whether you want that or not. The good thing is that it only lived in the virtual world of the desktop. The current trend is that the digital world becomes more and more integrated into our real physical reality. With “Clippy Embodied” we want to bring a Clippy into an old fashioned office space and give it control over its environment.

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Stage setting
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Desk setting
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constructing Roboter Lamp
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Hacking old phones to create music
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Clippy in the Stage

Video excerpt 1 " Lamp wakes up" from Clippy Emboded

Video excerpt 2 " Phones ringing" from Clippy Emboded

Video excerpt 3 from Clippy Emboded